Four Top Tips For Choosing Your Recruitment Agency

You’ve decided to look into specialised recruitment firms to help with your accounting staff needs. It’s a good move – and one you won’t regret if you take the time to select the recruiter that’s right for you.

Before you dive into the nitty-gritty of the recruiting process, you should start by considering a recruitment agency’s reputation, size and focus, integrity and terms of the contract. Why? Because making the wrong decision can significantly impact your bottom line and erode your valuable time.


What do you know about the accounting recruitment firm?

Reviews, referrals, testimonials. Nowadays all businesses are in the public eye and consumers are willing to share their opinions via many platforms and forums. Recruitment agencies will have a reputation in both the client circles AND prospective candidate circles.

What are others saying about the accounting recruitment firms you’re considering? Seek out feedback from all sources and utilise avenues available to you.

The reputational characteristics you’ll be looking for includes:
  • Is their specialisation in accounting recruitment based on solid industry knowledge?
  • Have other businesses successfully recruited accounting talent through the agency, and are they satisfied with the longer-term outcomes?
  • What about employees who have been part of the firm’s recruitment process – are they also satisfied? It’s important to look at the candidate experience too.

Size and focus:

Does the size of a recruitment agency matter?

Recruitment firms all share your goal of sourcing the best accounting talent, but sometimes the size of the agency will mean different ways of getting to that goal.

Smaller and boutique?
  • Smaller, boutique recruiters can be very specialised and focussed, with specific accounting recruiting skills that you’ll benefit from.
  • They typically have bespoke practices that can be adjusted to suit the needs of a client.
Larger and diverse?
  • Large recruiting companies may serve many different industries with pockets of specialisation.
  • They typically have large operations with systematised processes.

If you’re looking for a focused skillset in accounting, consider the smaller boutique operations. They’ll quickly understand your needs, and specialised agencies always have their eye on a suitable talent pool.

If you’re looking into larger agencies, remember that they don’t always ‘drill down’ to specifics like this, simply due to the diversity in their candidate pool and established practices. But if you’re also hiring general positions, then you’ll be able to recruit beyond the scope of accounting with larger firms.


What’s your ethical fit when it comes to recruiting?

In recruitment, strong professional ethics is essential. Integrity is a quality that leads to strong and trustworthy outcomes. Good recruiters know that ethical practices yield long-term success for clients.

Don’t get caught out by the unethical activities of the minority: we’re talking firms that turn a blind eye to inaccurate and falsified information on resumes, and recruiters who coached applicants to answer interview questions that might be misleading about their real skill set.

Make sure the accounting recruitment firms you’re considering have an honest feel to them. Honesty is a key value in recruitment. Look for a recruitment agency that’s not just out to get your business for short-term (before their unethical conduct catches them out!) – look for firms that want to nurture a long-term mutually satisfying partnership.

Terms of contract:

Good, negotiable, bad or outright scary?

An important question when choosing an accounting recruitment firm is: what are the terms of the contract? As with any set of terms, there’ll likely be some clauses that don’t particularly gel with you. Find out if they’re flexible and negotiable. If not, they might not be the partner for you. Remember, if you have trouble discussing terms and contracts with them in the early stages, if could be an indication of future problems!

If you see terms you’d want to negotiate, find out whether the agency is willing to adapt to your needs as the client. If they do, that’s a great sign.

Final words:

Do your homework

These are just four aspects of choosing a recruitment firm – so do your homework to find your fit. You’ll be rewarded with a recruitment partnership that leads to long-term hiring success and strong teams that will elevate your business outcomes.

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