Five easy steps to add to your accounting recruitment process

When you are using a specialised accounting recruitment agency, you’re likely to find exceptional long-term employees. In fact, in most cases, the results are so good that you may find yourself having to choose between two strong candidates.

Of course, that’s not a bad thing. It’s one of the bonuses of using specialist recruiters. But it can make the decision hard. Just like any decision, we worry about making the wrong choice.

Here are five steps to do away with the fear of choosing the wrong candidate.

1. Determine their drive

Ask questions specifically to determine their desire to work for your organisation. While candidates sourced by accounting recruitment agencies will be highly desirable with their skill set, use the interview to assess what their is drive like. You want a new candidate to bring fresh passion to your workplace every day.

Throw in a question like:

  • What excites you about the opportunity to work for our organisation?
  • What do you think might motivate you to drive for excellence in our company?

2. Culture Fit versus Culture

Your new employee must be a positive asset to your company’s work culture. If you’re faced with two strong candidates it’s important to look beyond their accounting capabilities and ask: how will this candidate fit into our culture? You’ll want someone who will easily adapt and adopt your company’s values, attitudes and processes.

What about Culture? What can the candidate bring beyond Culture Fit? That’s when someone not only reflects the company’s values and attitudes, but also enhances the culture with their own diverse opinions, specialised knowledge and unique experiences. Don’t just think about the team level – what can they add to the overall company?

3. Review your interview notes objectively

During the interview process ensure you’ve taken comprehensive notes. Documenting the interview will let you later review the notes and compare two strong candidates.

Use your notes to also compare them to the position description, and develop an objective system for prioritising the most important tasks and skills for this position.

Your notes can be incredibly powerful when you may have lost objectivity while being so closely involved in the interview process. Sit back, look at the big picture, and consider how each candidate fits into the long-term plans for the role and the company.

4. Meet your candidates again

If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to reach out and meet your strongest candidates once again to get to know them better. Dig deeper into anything that you feel will help you make your final decision.

You’ll find a casual meeting will allow you to focus on areas you’re unsure about, and perhaps solicit more candid responses in an informal setting. You can even bring others into the meeting who weren’t on the interview panel to gauge team interaction and fit.

5. Complete a reference check

The reference check is usually embedded in the recruitment process when you’re working with a specialised accounting recruitment firm. However, ensure you use it to your advantage when comparing two strong candidates.

Former employers will give you a better understanding of a candidate’s work personality. Use pointed questions on topics that you believe might help you make a final choice you’ll be satisfied with.

Final word: hire both!

Sure, this isn’t always an option, but it’s hard to find excellent talent for a specific skill-set like accounting. If, after these five steps, both candidates still tick all the boxes and you have a budget, why not hire both? It certainly makes the most of your investment in the recruitment process.

It may be frustrating, the next time you’re looking to fill a specialised role, knowing that one of your strongest candidates might not still be in your recruiter’s talent pool – likely snatched up by the next lucky company.

Well, now you’re ready to tackle the problem of having too many strong candidates! To be honest, it’s a good problem to have.

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