Hiring the right IT candidate to contribute to your team’s success is serious business. It takes time, know how and diligence to stay the course to find the right solution for your growing team. Knowing what type of IT hire you are searching for plus a plan in place to go out and find them is an important step to securing the best IT talent in the industry in an efficient manner. Our guide will help you get on the right track for hiring executive talent in technology to take your team to the next level.









Where to find the best candidates? THE RIGHT PLACES

Your team is growing, someone went on maternity leave, the project you’ve been hoping for just got approved. You need to expand your IT team. What’s your next step? This collection of articles gets you on the fast track to deciding where to turn to find the strong IT hire you to need to get the job done.

  • In-house Recruiting vs Outsourcing
  • How to attract the best IT talent out there so they find you
  • 14 Ways to Find Valuable Candidate In the War for Talent
  • What to look for when interviewing an IT recruiting firm
  • 6 Best Practices of Insourcing Implementation
  • Offshore versus onsite hires – coming soon
  • Case Study of successful recruiting partnership – coming soon

When is the right time to hire? THE RIGHT TIME

A new IT hire is a big decision. The cost of making the wrong move can set the team back. Is it the right time? Sometimes the question is answered more by asking yourself exactly what your needs are. Then you’ll know if the time is right. Let this section help you explore your current needs and if the time to move is now.

  • Do I need a new IT person or a managed IT service?
  • 5 Skills a Start-Up Needs in an IT Hire
  • Tips to Remove Hiring Headaches
  • The cost of IT hiring – coming soon
  • How to Regroup From a Bad Hire
  • How to Align Your Hiring and Business Goals

How to choose the right candidate? THE RIGHT CANDIDATE

Interviewing for the right IT candidate is an art unto itself. Tech talent prospects put their best foot forward on paper and in the interview so it’s important to know what your team stands for and its goals so you can see beyond the answers and find the perfect fit.

  • Using the Interview to Find the Right Executive Talent in Technology
  • What to Look for in a Tech Executive’s Resume
  • ​How to Choose Between A Couple Strong Job Candidates
  • Executive Talent Interview Questions to Ask in the Tech Space – coming soon
  • Soft skills Your New Tech Hire Needs
  • The Cost of Choosing the Wrong Candidate in Toronto
  • How to Prevent Hiring the Wrong Candidate
  • 3 Steps You Should Take Before Making an Offer
  • How to Hire the Best Candidate (not just the best interviewer)

How to Optimize Your IT Hiring Process? THE RIGHT PROCESS

A process saves time and money. Taking a step back to implement one helps secure the best IT talent around more efficiently. An optimal IT hiring process also takes the fear out of change. Sure, you want to keep your best IT talent first, but having a go-to process to attract new Tech talent to your team helps you act quickly.

  • 5 Foundational Processes for Your IT Hiring
  • How to Keep Your Best IT Talent
  • Keeping Your Offers Competitive

Guide to Hiring Executive Talent