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Recruiting the right talent for the right job is in our DNA. It’s at the heart of what we do. We’re dedicated to sourcing reliable and experienced candidates, working closely with our clients to understand the true needs of their workplace and culture.

360° Recruitment Solutions

Blue Diamond Recruitment is a modern recruitment agency, delivering 360° recruitment solutions to public practice accounting firms, as well as small to medium organisations.

What is 360° Solutions?

It’s delivery of the whole recruitment process – from start to finish. This approach lets us dive deeper into your requirements and manage every stage.

In-depth Understanding

of your company and the vacancy


and sourcing leading candidates


the most suitable talent


the end to end recruitment process

At Blue Diamond Recruitment, we understand that no two hires are the same.
That’s why we offer a full recruitment service – to allow you to focus on what really matters: your business.

Attract top talent to help you grow

We help you attract top accounting & business support talent. We know that businesses thrive when they invest in their biggest asset – their people. We’ll engage the best candidates to help your reach your organisational goals. Blue Diamond Recruitment specialises in connecting our clients with highly vetted and qualified candidates.

Blue Diamond Recruitment saves you time and delivers results

Recruiting your own permanent talent can be a very time consuming and costly undertaking. We’ll not only save you time but we will give you access to a passive talent pool that you wouldn’t have access to by simply uploading your vacancy on job boards.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we find qualified candidates and manage the entire recruitment process for you, from start to finish. Our proven process helps to quickly identify and engage the best talent.

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