Your needs are specialised

The specific skills and competencies needed in the field of accounting and business support must be front and centre when recruiting. You’ll want to make sure you can access a recruitment process that’s designed to meet these specific needs.

With our commitment to achieving the best possible results for every client, we pride ourselves on a professional partnership approach to recruitment.

Your best asset for growth is your team

Hiring the right talent is the difference between team-led growth and costly performance management. Ensuring you make the right hiring decision is incredibly important. Recruiting the wrong employee can be very costly if not done right the first time around, not to mention your wasted time and resources.

We offer a comprehensive service dedicated to becoming an extension of your business to effectively and proactively service and support you on an ongoing basis.

A personalised, quality driven service

With a specialised recruitment service provider by your side, you’ll experience complete peace of mind building a competent team.

Blue Diamond Recruitment works closely with our clients to evaluate and select candidates who have the drive and expertise to meet long-term business goals. Our direct industry experience and robust recruiting processes attract the right accounting and business administration talent.

Recruitment Solutions

We recruit for all levels, and can find you talent through our end-to-end recruitment process, or our partial recruitment services.

Our recruitment success stories

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    We understand what you’re looking for

    Whether your organisation is seeking to fill a vacancy or expand team capacity, we understand your needs. We attract and secure the right people, with the most fitting expertise and experience, to solve your specific business challenges in your industry.